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A floor type horizontal milling and boring machine with a quill-type spindle head and three operation modes (manual, MD1 & NC) for highly efficient production.

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Machine Specifications BF-130B


Maximum thrust of boring spindle N (lbs) 29 400 (6 600)
Maximum thrust of quill N (lbs) 19 600 (4 400)
Maximum spindle torque N·m(ft-lbs) 2 200 (1 616)


X-axis travel (Column cross wise) mm (in) 4 500~ (177.2~) available in 1 500 increments (59.0)
Y-axis travel (Spindle head vertical) mm (in) 2 500~3 500 (98.4~137.8) available in 500 increments (19.7)
Z1-axis travel (Boring spindle extension) mm (in) 1 000 (39.4)
Z2-axis travel (Quill extension) mm (in) 450 (17.7)
Total Z-axis travel mm (in) 1 000 (39.4)


Boring spindle diameter mm (in) 130 (5.1)
Quill diameter mm (in) 360 (14.2)
Milling spindle nose diameter mm (in) 250 (9.8)
Type of spindle taper 7/24 taper No.50
Spindle speeds (2 ranges) min-1 6 ~ 1 600 (cont)


Rapid traverse rate X & Y mm/min (ipm) 10 000 (394)
Z1 & Z2 mm/min (ipm) 6 000 (236)
Feedrate (automatic/manual) mm/min (ipm) 1 ~ 4 000 (0.01 ~ 157)

Spindle drive motor

(50% ED/cont.) kW (HP) 22/18 (30/25)

Automatic tool changer (ATC, AATC)

Type of tool shank MAS BT50
Type of retention knob MAS P50T-1 (45 degree)
Tool storage capacity 60 [90,120] tools
Maximum tool diameter When pots are full mm (in) 125 (4.9)
When adjacent pots are empty mm (in) 240 (9.4)
Single-point boring tool mm (in) 330 (13.0)
Maximum tool length mm (in) 500 (19.7)
Maximum tool mass kg (lbs) 25 (55)
Allowable movement around gauge plane N·m(ft-lbs) 29.4 (21.7)
Tool selection Pot address random short-cut


Positioning accuracy X & Y mm (in) +/-0.007/1 000 (+/-0.00028/39.4)
Z1 mm (in) +/-0.007/500 (+/-0.00028/19.7)
Repeatability X, Y, Z1 mm (in) +/-0.005 (+/-0.0002)

Machine colour

  R4-383 / Munsell 10YR8/4
Servo motors and cooler painted with standard manufacturer's colour
Values in brackets [] refer to options.
General View
Other views

red dotA combination of floor plates, suited for general-purpose machining

This type floor plan imposes no restriction on the shape, size and weight of workpiece and can be planned according to customer's specific machining requirement.

This figure shows the arrangement of three floor plates placed side by side according to X-axis travel. It is also possible to line them up in a row or in parallel.

Other views

red dotA combination of a rotary table and floor plates, best suited for combined machining

A high-performance rotary table and floor plates realizes combined machining including precision machining of multiple surface, boring by 180 ° table index and rotary milling, in addition to normal machining operation using a floor plate.  Thus, productivity can be significantly enhanced.

Other views

red dotA pallet changer type rotary table suited for unmanned operation

A pallet changer type rotary table not only improves productivity of combined machining, but allows unattended operation.

Normally, the time for workpiece setup is said to amount to 15% of the total machining time. Only a few minutes are required for pallet change, when this rotary table is used. Idle time for changing set-up of workpiece in producing a variety of kinds of workpieces will be minimized and real cutting time can be increased sharply.

Other views

red dotA combination of a pallet changer type rotary table and floor plates

Another pallet can be added to the standard two pallets and arranged along a star. Also, an attachment stocker can be provided. This type of floor plan is very useful for more advanced combined machining operation and further improvement of productivity.

Note: In addition to the above mentioned floor plans, a diversity of floor plans such as installation of opposing two machines are also available.

Please consult us for details.

Due to technology developments or advancements, all machine specifications, dimensions and design characteristics are subjected to change without notice.