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BTH-110 R18 (H-Cube)


Experience with over 8000 Toshiba machines already delivered worldwide and with continual technical improvements, the new "BTH-110.R18 H-Cube" has been developed to provide horizontal boring operational ability with machining center productivity and flexibility.

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Machine Specifications BTH-110.R18


X-axis travel (Cross movement of table) mm (in) 2 500 (100)
Y-axis travel (Vertical movement of spindle head) mm (in) 2 000 (80)
Z-axis travel (Longitudinal movement of table) mm (in) 1 500 (60)
W-axis travel (Spindle extension) mm (in) 500 (20)
Distance from table surface to spindle center mm (in) 0 to 2 000 (0 to 80)
Distance from table center to milling spindle gauge plane mm (in) 600 to 2 100 (23.6 to 82.7)


Table working surface mm (in) 1 400 x 1 800 (55.1 x 70.9)
Table loading capacity kg (lbs) 10 000 (22 000)
Table surface configuration (Pitch to T-slots 160 mm, size 22 mm 9 T-slot
Minimum table indexing angle (B- axis) degrees 0.0001


Spindle diameter mm (in) 110 (4.3)
Spindle speed range min-1 6 to 4 000
Milling spindle nose diameter mm (in) 225 (8.8)
Type of spindle taper 7/24 taper No.50


Rapid traverse rate X, Y Z mm/min (ipm) 18 000 (708.7)
W mm/min (ipm) 6 000 (236.2)
B deg/min 720
Feedrate mm/min (ipm) 1 to 10 000 (0.04 to 393.7)

Automatic tool changer (ATC)

Type of tool shank MAS BT50 (CAT50V)
Type of retention knob MAS P50T-1 (45 degree)
Tool storage capacity 38[60,90,120] tools
Maximum tool diameter When adjacent pots are occupied mm (in) 125 (4.92)
When adjacent pots are empty mm (in) 240 (9.44)
Maximum tool length mm (in) 400 (15.74)
Maximum tool mass kg (lbs) 25 (55)
Tool selection Pot address random short-cut

Spindle drive motor

(30 min./cont. rating) kW (HP) AC30/22 (40/30)

Power source

Electric power supply AC200/220V +/-10%, 50/60Hz +-2%
Power Capacity kVA 80
Compressed air supply Pressure MPa 0.5 to 0.8 (72.5 to 116)
Flowrate NI/min 900

Machine size

Machine height mm (in) 4 590 (181)
Floor space mm (in) 5 990 x 5 990 (236 x 236)
Mass of machine (including NC equipment) kg (lbs) 30 000 (66 000)


Positioning accuracy X, Y, Z mm/min (ipm) +/-0.008/full length (+/-0.00032/full length)
W mm/min (ipm) +/-0.010/full length (+/-0.00040/full length)
Repeatability X, Y, Z mm/min (ipm) +/-0.004 (+/-0.00016)
W mm/min (ipm) +/-0.006 (+/-0.00024)
Table indexing accuracy (arbitrary angle) sec +/-3
Table indexing repeatability (arbitrary angle) sec +/-1.5

Machine colour

  R4-383 (Munsell 5Y8.4/0.5) and N2.5
For the NC system, servo motors and cooler, each maker's standard colour shall apply
General View
The maximum work-piece range and travel for each axis
The maximum tool size
Due to technology developments or advancements, all machine specifications, dimensions and design characteristics are subjected to change without notice.