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Providing a complete solution.

Toshiba Machine is proudly working towards enhancing our Specialty Products and services in order to provide Machine Tool Shops with a complete solution. Along with our highly professional machine service, maintenance and laser programs, and applications training we have grown our Specialty Product line to include:

It is with our customer in mind, that we continue to strive to meet the growing needs and expectations of today’s industries and tomorrows' technology.

Spindle Taper Grinding Service

Toshiba Machine Company Canada Ltd. has recently added this new service, and we are proud to provide it for 50 taper spindles on any/all machine makes and models.

Spindle taper surface is changing with daily works and accidents.

Spindle runout

Best to service your machine with the Taper Grinder if the machine is showing signs of:

  • Poor accuracy
  • Spindle stopped by tool breakage
  • Poor fine cutting
  • Scratches on the taper surface
  • Big run out
  • Extensive heavy cutting
Spindle self rotation

Excellent spindle taper grinding service is done by our skilled worker and our Toshiba Machine manufactured grinding machine.

  • Minimum worktime is 1 day
  • May vary depending on the condition of the taper surface
  • Available for vertical or horizontal machines
Spindle check point
Poor contact @ taper surface HORIZONTAL MACHINING CENTER 7 45 2 5
Spindle run against work piece HORIZONTAL BORING MILL 13 60 3 8
Overload alarm by broken chip PLANOMILLER 50 50 2 6
Required Working Area HORIZONTAL MACHINE 585mm or more from table top to spindle centre
VERTICAL  MACHINE 600mm or more from table top to spindle centre
Application Taper NATIONAL TAPER No. 40, 50, 60

Call today for more information and a quotation · 905-479-9111

Ballbar test with complete report provided

BallbarReduce scrap and unexpected machine downtime by checking machine performance before component manufacture.

Circularity testing is recognized internationally as a test of contouring accuracy on CNC machine tools. The ballbar test is a quick method that can assess the performance of your machines capabilities.

This dynamic circular test will analyze your machine's performance in accordance with international standards, as well as providing you with our own standard reports. In addition, advanced mathematical techniques are used to identify the specific error sources on your machines, therefore taking out the guesswork of your machine's performance.

The ballbar test is designed to be used on a variety of machines. Toshiba Machine Machinery Co., Ltd can provide this service on all types of machine tools.

Increase your machine uptime:

  • Know that your machine is up to the job - before you even begin cutting metal.
  • Gain a detailed picture of how each characteristic of a machine's performance is varying over time.
  • Predict when maintenance work will be required for specific machines, and establish contingency plans in advance.

Reduce scrap rate and re-work:

  • By performing a ballbar test you can ensure that your machine is capable of producing good parts - before you begin cutting chips.
  • Resulting in a significant gain in productivity and a significant reduction in scrap.

Increase knowledge of your machine / manufacturing capabilities:

  • Use the right machine for the job - assigning specific tolerance jobs to machines capable of holding these tolerances ensures that the machine is fit for the required purpose and less likely to produce scrap.

Target maintenance:

  • A Ballbar test will diagnose error according to its impact on overall machine accuracy.
  • With a ballbar test, we can often fix the problem/s on-the-spot. It will isolate the problem and help to minimize downtime.
  • The quality of every component produced on a CNC machine is highly dependant on a machine's performance.

The ballbar test provides you with a quick and effective solution, recognized in international standards (e.g. ISO 230.4) to verify machine performance, achieve manufacturing tolerances, reduce machine downtime and actually improve machine performance through predictive, targeted maintenance.

Problems with a machine inevitably result in inspection failures, scrapped components and unexpected down-time. All to frequently, quality and inspection procedures identify problems after components have been produced, too late to rectify any incurred scrap and down-time costs.

For this reason it is essential that your machine performance is checked before component manufacture.

What exactly is SpiderCool?

SpiderCool is an Automated Coolant Control System for Machine Tools. The SpiderCool servo driven nozzle is located over the spindle at the 12 o’clock position and plumbed to the machine’s existing coolant pump. Coolant on/off commands are used as they normally are. Once a coolant position is set, the SpiderCool interface memorizes each position then automatically aims the coolant stream precisely at the cutting edge of each tool loaded into the spindle by the ATC, regardless of length. In addition to fixed positions, a variable oscillation cycle can be set for any tool. These fixed or oscillating positions are set visually using the SpiderCool servo adjustment knob conveniently located on the machine's control panel or on a hand held pendant. No programming or M-function is required.

The machines’ existing system is not disconnected or removed!

SpiderCool is not meant to be a total replacement for your existing coolant delivery system, rather it works in conjunction with it. Usually several of the loc-lines or nozzles are turned off permitting more coolant volume to pass through and be precisely aimed by the SpiderCool nozzle. In the event additional coolant is needed, or coolant from another direction, the appropriate line is simply turned on.

In the unlikely event the SpiderCool needs service, your machine is not down because you simply revert to the coolant lines you were using prior to SpiderCool.


Who needs SpiderCool?

Companies interested in maximizing productivity, unattended machining, minimizing downtime, reducing tooling costs and improving safety, should strongly consider adding SpiderCool.

How do you program SpiderCool?

The machinist simply teaches SpiderCool by turning the adjustment knob to precisely aim the coolant stream. This is done once for each tool in the machine. From that point on, coolant adjustment is automatic. There are no M-Codes to write into your program, and adjustments can be made and re-memorized at any time during the machining cycle.

SpiderCool detail SpiderCool detail SpiderCool detail SpiderCool detail

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